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How to Fix a Print Spooler in HP Printer?

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The print spooler helps the Windows computer that interacts with the printer and sends the print job in the queue. If you encounter any error message about the HP printer print spooler like the printer spooler has been corrupted or failing to interact with other software. Here, you need to try some perfect methods to fix the problem. Moreover, you get the experts support for the problem at HP Technical Support Phone Number.

Follow the Methods given below to troubleshoot the Printer Spooler problem in HP printer-

Changing Print Spooler Properties:

  1. Launch your printer’s spooler properties and press the Windows key + R in order to open the Run dialogue. After this you need to type services. MSC and press “Enter”. Now, you need to double-click Print Spooler. In addition, you need to click “Start”, “Control Panel” and “Administrative Tools”, “Services”, “Print Spooler”.
  2. Now, you have to stop and start the spooler. Here the stop and starts button are located in the Print Spooler Properties window on the General tab. Most of the error gets resolved by preventing, after this start the print spooler again. Here, simply leave the window open as you are required to do a couple of more changes.
  3. After this, you have to configure the spooler in order to start up automatically. Choose the drop-down menu. After this, choose Automatic in order to make sure the spooler starts up every time the computer starts. Therefore, it will not skip any incoming print jobs. Here, simply press Apple in the lower right to save your changes. If you face any problem with the steps, contact experts for HP Printer Help
  4. Next, you are required to modify the recovery options. Here, you have to click on the Recovery tab. This Change the recovery options. Next, click on the Recovery tab. This panels the spooler responds to its own errors. You have to set few adjustments that will maximize the chance of the spooler that is resolving its own problems. Change the settings to match the following:
  • First failure: Restart the Service
  • Second failure: Restart the Service
  • Subsequent failures: Take No Action
  • Reset fail count after: 1 days
  • Restart service after: 1 minutes
  • When you're finished, click Apply.
  1. Hit on the Log On tab, in case the box located next to "Allow interaction with desktop" is checked, uncheck it. You need to keep the box checked can leads some sorts of issues.
  2. After performing the above steps, you need to try printing again. Here, you might have to shut off the entire properties window and/or restart your computer before any changes take effect. Still you encounter any problem, continue the next step.
  3. Here, you have to get back to the Print Spooler Properties window as mentioned in the above process. Further, you are required to click the Dependencies tab and look at the box, labeled.

Moreover, for further help and guidance, contact our customer service HP Printer Technical Support Number +1-888-614-1214. Here, you will have assistance and complete guidance from the well-trained and skilled technicians who are capable enough to handle and manage all sorts of technical problems related to HP Printer.


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